The Most Important Years of Your Child's Development

Curriculum & Enrichments

The Core Knowledge® Preschool Sequence is a set of model guidelines describing fundamental competencies and specific knowledge that, for children from three to five years of age, can provide a solid coherent foundation for later learning in kindergarten and beyond.

A specific, explicit sequence of skill and knowledge, like the Core Knowledge® Preschool Sequence, allow teachers, parents, or other caregivers to guide a yound child's development in an apprentice-like fashion, taking into account a child's parcitular competencies so as to offer those experiences that most closely match his or her present level, while providing the stepping stones to higher levels of competence and understanding.

Our program was designed to help each child develop a true love of learning while building self-esteem and independence. Our students are thoroughly prepared for and excel academically during and beyond their elementary school years.

Children who have attended Lambs & Ivy consistently score well on assessment tests are and more advanced academically than most of their peers. In conjunction with providing childcare for ages 0-5 years, we also provide an enrichment program for school age children ages 6-12 years.

Lambs & Ivy is a comprehensive all-inclusive school; however, we do offer extracurricular activities like Ballet, Gymnastics & Piano lessons for a nominal fee as a convenience to our parents.